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Jewel Hygiene


At Jewel Service, we know how important it is to ensure that your commercial property is kept clean and maintained at all times. This not only serves a purpose hygienically, but also ensures that your business is portrayed in a professional manner.

Retail Units

It is vital that your retail store is kept clean and presentable. A dirty store can be one of the quickest ways to ensure a customer never comes back. At Jewel Services, we can look after everything, from daily cleaning of floors or surfaces, to window cleaning and maintenance. To enquire about your retail unit, call us today.

Office Cleaning

Cleaning the office is important, not just for clients, but for your staff. Those who work in a clean environment are more productive than those who work in poorly maintained office spaces. At Jewel Services, we look after everything, office floor, toilets, hallways and common areas. Pricing will depend on how large your office is and how regularly you require our services. Everything is tailored to suit you.

Catering / Hospitality

At Jewel Services, we work with restaurants, hotels and public houses, ensuring that everything is kept well maintained and clean at all times. This is one sector where you must invest in your cleaning. The quickest way to lose customers in the food industry, is to have a dirty premises. We use the latest equipment and methods to ensure that everything is kept clean and presentable. We also stock a range of cleaning products for daily use.


We all know how messy things can get when kids are around! This is completely normal and means your kids are having fun and developing. It is important however, to ensure that things are kept clean. At Jewel Services, we look after everything, from ongoing cleaning, to once off jobs like gutter cleaning. To find out more, simply call us today.

Power Washing

Remove years of built up dirt and grime with our power washing services. We clean driveways, paths, walls and much more. Pricing depends on the size of the area, call us today for a quote.

At Jewel Services, we also supply a range of cleaning products. To find out more simply ask a member of staff, or call us today.

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